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Piles, Haemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula

Welcome To Vithai Piles Clinic

VITHAI PILES CLINIC is now fully operational and is able to treat all anorectal diseases without going through hospital treatment.

We are the fast developing and promising brand in the field of anorectal disease treatment centres. We are providing painless, without operation, day care, cost effective treatment since last 8 years & spreading smile over thousands of patients. The treatment we provide are advanced and of different modalities according to pathology. We provide ayurvedic as well as allopathy treatment as per need of patients.

Piles, Haemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, piles doctor in Pune, best piles doctor in Pune, piles specialist in Pune, piles treatment in Pune, piles clinic in Pune


- Specialization


- Specialization

Treatments We Provide

Piles, Haemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, piles doctor in Pune, best piles doctor in Pune, piles specialist in Pune, piles treatment in Pune, piles clinic in Pune


Hemorrhoids (HEM-uh-roids), also called piles, are swollen and inflamed veins in your anus and lower rectum.

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anal fissure, fissure treatment in Pune, best fissure doctor in Pune, ayurvedic treatment for fissure in Pune, Anal Fissure Treatment


Anal Fissure is longitudinal tear in the lower end of anus. It is the most painful condition affecting the anal region.

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fistula treatment in Pune, fistula treatment in PCMC, fistula in Ano clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad, fistula in Ano clinic in Pune, laser treatment for fistula in Pune


Anal Fistula is an abnormal passage (communication) between the interior of the anal canal (or rectum) and

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abscess, hemorrhoids treatment, piles treatment


Collection of pus in the area surrounding the anus due to infection is called abscess.

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pruritus ani

Pruritus Ani

Itching or irritation of perianal area is called pruritus ani.

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colon polyps, polyps, colorectal polyp

Rectal Polyps

Rectal polyps are tissue growth that arises from the wall of the rectum and protude into it.

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Our Expert

Dr. Atul Patil (M.S. (Shalyatantra))

Dr. Atul Patil, piles doctor in Pune, piles specialist in Pune
Consultant Proctologist

Consultant and associate professor At Dr. D Y Patil Ayurveda College, Pimpri, Pune.

Dr. Atul is working in the field of anorectal since last 8 years. He is post graduate of this subject from reknown Govt. College of ayurvedafrom Ernakulam, Kerala. He has develop his own treatment of anorectaldiseses, with the great combination of kerala Ayurvedic treatment along with allopathic treatment, which assures the 100% cure. He is master in painless methods. He has treated thousands of patient in his practice. He is currently working as associate professor in Dr. D. Y. Patil ayurveda college, Pimpri , Pune.

He explain the disease and pathology what patient have, in very good manner. He has good skill to assure the patient about the procedures. Video proctoscopy or pathology imaging gives exact knowledge of pathology/ disesase to patient what he/she suffering from.

He has trained no of students in the field of anorectal diseases. Participated in many seminar and workshop to update the knowledge in this field.

Dr. sarita Patil (Dip. G.O.)

Dr. sarita Patil, piles doctor in Pune, piles specialist in Pune
Proctologist and Gynaecologist

Director- Vithai Piles hospital, Kasarwadi, Pune.

Dr. Sarita Patil is Young and dynamic personality. Her eagerness to surpass the limits of the ordinary, led her to pursue a relatively unknown specialty – Proctology. She is master in anorectal disease associated with femanity. She treated and operated large number of female patients of fissure and piles and fistula. Her promising words and explanation about disease and pathology cures the half of pain. She has big circle of her patients which are happy. In fact, her mastery lies in the way she manages wound care in anorectal cases.

Dr sarita patil is amongst the few proctologists in pune and probably the only leading female surgeon in a field that is witnessing a steep rise in the number of patients owing to faulty lifestyles. Her gentle and reassuring demeanour ably puts a patient’s worries to rest. In a world moving towards gender equality, Dr Sarita Patil stands out as a woman venturing into a speciality largely dominated.

Dr. Sarita is proctologist and gynaecologist, caring and curing the anorectal problems like, piles associated with pregnancy, post delivery fissure, age related pathologies in elderly womens. Painless and time saving treatment modalities are her speciality. She has treated number of patients with dietary advice and with ayurvedic medicines only.

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Patients Testimonials

I was stressed with Fistula in anal problem and heard about this Kshar sutra treatment and thought of taking it. I am a diabetic patient so my body was not support 100% for treatment but Dr.Atul Patil and their team was get great efforts and after the 4-5 Session of treatment I experienced great improvement and the wond of fistula completely heal.I am completely Satisfied with their treatment.Treatment provided is also very nice. I would like to heartly Thanks to Dr Atul Patil Sir for providing good Treatment to me.

Govind Chechani

Sambhaji Nagar,Jalna

I was suffered with Fistula(perianal abscess) and doctor said operation is must. I came to know Fistula has chances of recurrence. So I read on internet about Kshar sutra treatment. This treatment reduces the chances of reoccurrence. I decided to take Kshar sutra treatment.
So I came to Dr. D.Y. Patil Ayurved hospital for treatment. Dr.Atul Patil and their team supported helped me to recover me from it. Their efforts and help healed wond of fistula completely.
I am completely satisfied with their treatment. Treatment as well as moral support provided is also very nice. I would like to heartly Thanks to Dr Atul Patil Sir for providing good Treatment to me.

Ayesha Suraj Shinde


If you want to get the best advice n treatment Dr Atul Patil is the best choice. I was going through a very tough phase due to a severe infection but Dr Atul cured it in a very short period with the best medicines he can also teach you how to be strong & handle pain with patience & faith. Thank you once again.

Mrunal Nangre


प्रीय ,पाटील सर मी आपला खुप आभारी आहे माझे तीन वेला भगंदर चे ऑपरेशन झाले होते पण मला कायच फरक पडला नव्हता . माझे हया आजाराने आयुष्य समपवले होते , मी आत्महतेचा नीर्णय घेतला होता. पण फक्त पाटील सरामुले मी हया आजारातुन नीट झालो मी आता त्याच्या मुले Team Leader आहे खुप आभारी आहे मी त्याचे उपकार कधिच वीसरनार नाही ते माझ्यासाठी देवच आहेत धन्यवाद सर

बलभीम जाधव

My mother took a treatment for fissure in Ano. It was totally pain less treatment given by Dr. Atul, I strongly recommend those who are suffering from piles, fistula and fissure problems. Excellent doctor and his treatment process, personal care and concern about his patients. Doctor was available at anytime over a phone and satisfied about our quarries , whenever I approached him. I Appreciate his dedication and behaviour towards his patients. I think more than 5 star should be given here. Also most important is these treatment is affordable and cost effective than other option available. Once again thank to Dr. Atul Patil sir...

Mr. Ashish Bhombe,

Moshi Pradhikaran

I'M suffering from Fissure problem, So I meet to Dr. Atul sir on Vithai clinic, Sir examine me & for treatment give me a 5 days medicine . After treatment my pain & Fissure problem was solved.

Amol Wagh

Moshi, Pune