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Hemorrhoids/ piles


The piles is derived from the word ‘pila’, means ball. Piles is ball like swelling in the anal canal. It is divided into two categories.

  •  Internal hemorrhoid
  •  External haemmorrhoid
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      Internal Hemorrhoids/ piles- Internal Hemorrhoids/ piles-

      The dilated rectal veins due to straining, situated above the pectinate line inside the anal canal is called internal hemmorrhoids. As patient strains at stool, hemmorrhoidal veins bulges out along with its covering.

      As the disease progresses, it is divided into 4stages or grades. And that decides the treatment modality as per the stages.

      Grade I piles/ hemmorrhoid

      It is initial stage of piles, in which rectal/ hemmorhoidal veins get dilated by straining at stool along with its mucous covering but remains at its site.

      Symptom -

      • 1. Bleeding
      • 2. Anal discomfort
      • 3. Itching

      Best treatment for 1st degree internal hemmorrhoid-

      • 1. Injection therapy ( sclerotherapy)
      • 2. Infrared coagulation therapy
      • 3. HAL (hemmorrhoidal artery ligation)
      • 4. Ayurvedic medicines – conservative approach
      • 5. Laxatives and diet plan
      • 6. Diet plan

      Grade 2 piles/haemorrhoids

      As straining at stool continues along with constipation,further dilatation and mucus covering are get prolapsed

      Symptom -

      • 1. Protusion of mass from anus which causes discomfort and it gets back to its position
      • 2. Bleeding
      • 3. Pain when inflamed
      • 4. Perianal itching with mucus secretion

      Grade 3 Piles/haemorrhoids

      When straining at stool and constipation continues.pile mass protrude further mucosal coverings with haemorrohoids plexus come out with defecation and has to reduce with the help of finger


      • 1. Bleeding
      • 2. Constipation
      • 3. Anal discomfort
      • 4. Tremendous pain
      • 5. when it gets thrombosed or strangulate

      Grade 4 piles/ haemorrhoids

      In this grade prolapsed pile mass remains outside the anal verge and obstruct the passage

      Symptoms -

      • 1. pain
      • 2. Bleeding
      • 3. Suppuration
      • 4. Discomfort
      • 5. Itching
      • 6. Can get strangulate


      • 1.Stapler surgery
      • 2.Haemorrhoidectomy